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Are You Representing Yourself At The MSPB?

Federal employees who represent themselves in their own Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) appeal should know that the process is very similar to court proceedings and has a number of legal technicalities.

The Importance of Discovery During an MSPB Appeal

It is important for a federal employee to take advantage of the discovery process during an MSPB appeal by utilizing Production Requests.  The amount of information that one can uncover through this process can make all the difference in pursuing a successful appeal.

What to Expect During an MSPB Hearing

This article focuses on what federal employees can expect during a typical MSPB hearing.

Due Process Issues in MSPB Cases for Federal Employees

Before federal employees can be disciplined for alleged misconduct or performance deficiencies, they are entitled to due process of law.

Settlement Agreements at the MSPB

Settlement agreements at the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) often occur. These settlements relate to appeals filed by federal employees against their federal agencies.

The MSPB Pre-Hearing Process

During the litigation of MSPB appeals, the pre-hearing written submission and pre-hearing conference are important.

Appealing a Final Federal Agency Decision: MSPB vs. Arbitration

When federal employees receive a final federal agency decision sustaining a removal or significant suspension of 15 days or more, there are two possible options if they want to appeal the final decision.

Taking Depositions of Relevant Witnesses at the MSPB

Deposing key witnesses during an MSPB appeal can potentially increase a federal employee’s ability to obtain a positive settlement or hearing result in a case if important facts are uncovered during the process.

A Federal Employee’s Guide to Burden of Proof Issues at the MSPB

It is important for federal employees to understand how a federal agency will attempt to prove its allegations against them during an MSPB Appeals hearing process.

The Completion and Submission of an MSPB Appeal

Federal employees who plan to initiate an MSPB appeal should file in a timely manner and follow proper guidelines.

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