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Virginia Non-Compete Agreements for Employees

April 18, 2015

Over the past 10 years or so, our firm has noticed that businesses in Virginia use “non-compete” agreements in their employee hiring processes far more than before.  This article briefly discusses the background and use of non-compete agreements in Virginia.

What is a Non-Compete Agreement

A non-compete agreement is merely a written agreement where an employee agrees not to leave an employer and then compete for the same business when they leave their employment. Typically, non-compete clauses are inserted in employment agreements by an employer during the hiring process and have become somewhat commonplace. Common characteristics of non-compete agreements include duration of the non-competition period, limits as to competition for certain customers and the geographic boundaries of the non-competition area.

Issues Which Commonly Arise in Non-Compete Agreements in Virginia

Non-compete agreements in the Commonwealth of Virginia tend to be viewed as somewhat disfavored by the courts and have been viewed somewhat negatively as a type of restraint on commerce.  As a result, in Virginia, non-compete agreements have a better chance of success, if enforcement is attempted, the more narrowly tailored that they are.   Courts in Virginia will enforce reasonable non-compete agreements.  Non-compete agreements, in this narrow sense, must: (1) protect a bona fide employer’s interest; (2) be reasonable; and (3) not be against public policy.  There are a number of specific features that come into play in Virginia with respect to these 3 variables.   Typically, a valid business interest considered by the courts is the extent to which a non-compete agreement protects the employer from a former employee poaching existing customers, trade secrets, or other confidential information.

Non-Compete Agreements Should be Reasonable and Drawn Narrowly

Keeping in mind that these types of non-compete agreements must be drawn narrowly, courts in Virginia will generally not enforce agreements that are overbroad or unreasonable.  Some typically problems in non-compete agreements include the following: (1) agreements that impose overbroad geographical limitations (i.e. a prohibition on competing in the United States where the service area is only a portion of Virginia); (2) unreasonable time constraints (i.e. a 20-year restriction; although each determination is based on the individual facts of a case); (3) agreements prohibiting an employee from working in any capacity for a competitor; (4) agreements whose terms and not clear or discernible; (5) agreements for licensed professionals (physicians, lawyers, etc.)  which may be barred on public policy grounds; and (6) agreements that unfairly burden an employee’s ability to obtain alternative employment.

Other potential issues with non-compete agreements exist and it is important for an employer to structure a clear and fair non-compete agreement in order for it to be upheld by the Virginia courts.

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