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Wrongful Termination

Being terminated from one’s employment can be very stressful and difficult, especially if one has been terminated illegally or without proper cause (just cause).  Our firm represents employees who have been affected by wrongful termination matters.  Wrongful termination cases may arise if an employee was terminated for the following reasons (among others):

  • Discrimination/Harassment:  An employer cannot terminate an employee due to race, nationality, religion, sex, age, or disability.  Other potential discrimination claims may exist depending on the local governing laws.
  • Retaliation:  An employer generally cannot terminate an employee for filing a claim of discrimination or participating in a discrimination investigation; filing a whistleblower complaint; reporting sexual harassment or other wrongdoing; organizing a union; or taking time off for military service, voting, or reasons under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
  • Refusal to Commit an Illegal or Unsafe Act:  An employer usually cannot terminate an employee because the employee refuses to commit an act that is deemed to be illegal or unsafe.
  • Violation of Termination Procedures:  Often times an employee handbook or company policy outlines the procedures that must be followed by an employer before an employee can be terminated.  If an employer terminates an employee without following the proper termination procedures outlined in the employee handbook or company policy, an employee may have a claim for wrongful termination.
  • Breach of Contract:  If an employee was terminated in violation of an employment contract or explicit promise concerning the duration of his or her employment or the circumstance under which he or she could be terminated.  Some employees are hired pursuant to an employment contract and may have other rights in addition to those that are generally applicable.
  • Various Circumstances:  Other circumstances exist for wrongful termination. These can vary, for example, depending on whether the individual is employed in Virginia, Washington, D.C. or Maryland.

Legal action against an employer for wrongful termination requires a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the varying complex state and federal employment laws.  If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated, please contact Berry & Berry, PLLC to schedule a consultation with an attorney to discuss your wrongful termination case.