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General Contract Review and Drafting

Berry & Berry, PLLC often advises and represents small businesses, independent contractors, consultants, nonprofit organizations and sole proprietors within the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area (Virginia, District of Columbia, and Maryland) on legal contracts and agreements for their particular business needs.  We either create new legal contracts or review and improve existing legal contracts to meet the goals and objectives of each individual business.  Some examples of the types of contracts we often handle are as follows:

Employment Contracts

Our firm represents organizations and businesses with respect to employment contracts.  Businesses often make decisions to hire individuals based on the employment contract process.  This can vary depending on the type of the business or organization.  It is more common for businesses to provide employment agreements to more senior-level managers and officers, and less common for other employees.  Other factors include whether a business has a complex compensation arrangement and/or requires a non-competition clause.  Additionally, employment agreements can also provide provisions for employment disputes that arise, including requirements that individuals resolve disputes in arbitration as opposed to the judicial (court) process.

Independent Contractor Contracts

Our firm also represents organizations and businesses with respect to independent contractor agreements.  These types of agreements are important due to issues that can often arise when independent contractors later allege or are found to have been employees of the business.  This can cause a host of potential problems (e.g., tax, back pay issues) and it is far better to avoid these issues in advance.   An independent contractor is an individual or business entity that provides a specific service but is distinguishable from a normal employee.  The individual generally contracts with the business to provide specific services and is not under the day-to-day control of the business but is only monitored as to the final result of the services provided.  It is critical for a business to understand the distinction between an employee and an independent contractor given the significant liability for taxes, employment benefits, and expenses if it is later found that an independent contractor was essentially an employee.

Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements

Our firm also represents businesses and organizations with respect to confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).  These types of agreement are often critically important for start-up businesses in the early stages of business formation or for a company that has unique product or service to provide.    These types of agreements bind the individuals signing them in order to protect business secrets and processes.  NDAs also are used between businesses when they work together on projects.

Commercial Lease Contracts

Our firm also represents businesses and organizations with respect to commercial lease contracts.  These types of contracts govern leases between landlords and tenants.  When businesses negotiate office space leases, the standard form agreements that are generally used do not provide all of the necessary terms in most cases.  As a result landlord and tenant businesses often need changes, additions and deletions to these contracts in order to enact the commercial lease.  We assist businesses in this area.

Please contact Berry & Berry, PLLC to schedule a consultation with an attorney to discuss your or your entity’s particular contract review and drafting needs.  We understand the legal contract review and drafting needs for all types of small businesses.  Our firms is dedicated to providing professional, experienced, and affordable legal representation to small businesses in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.