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Congressional Employees

It is important for congressional employees to have legal representation if and when they need to pursue complaints against congressional employers. Most of these complaints are governed under the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995. We have represented congressional employees under the CAA since 1999.

Congressional employees can file a number of different types of claims under the CAA, which includes:

(1) sexual harassment;

(2) disability discrimination;

(3) various Equal Employment Opportunity violations (race, color, religious, age, sex or national origin discrimination);

(4) the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) (overtime laws);

(5) family medical leave;

(6) occupational safety and health;

(7) uniformed services protections (USERRA);

(8) Veteran’s Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA);

(9) genetic discrimination; and (10) labor law (collective bargaining) violations.

The administration of congressional employee complaints is handled by the Congressional Office of Compliance (Office of Compliance).  The standard process for filing complaints at the Office of Compliance generally includes: counseling, two-party mediation and then the option to file a request for an administrative hearing or a lawsuit in federal court.

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